This video work considers the diametrically opposed interpretations of the Hakenkreuz in order to investigate the importance which we place on symbols in general. This particular symbol has for 10,000 years represented a symbol of Shakti or the Divine Self in Asiatic cultures, while its perception in western cultures was co-opted by the Nazi propaganda machine less than 100 years ago. 

The film encompasses the entire 11 minute cycle of an LED display of the symbol. By raising the shutter plane speed of the camera setting during each pattern transition, the symbol slowly begins to flicker, disperse and eventually disappear. A suggestion of the malleability of meaning and a testament to the transformative capabilities of the camera apparatus itself.

Still frame image from Being the Higher Self (1/30,1/50,1/80,1/100,1/160,1/250,1/400,1/500,1/640), Single Channel HD Video, Duration 00:11:25