Manifesting Worlds (Infinite Loop), 2017.
Projected Video Installation, Single Channel Video, Stereo Soundtrack.
Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin, Germany.


Everybody Knows Our Cities Were Built To Be Destroyed, 2017. 
Reconstruction of the Berliner Schloss, Germany. First Constructed 1442 / Destroyed 1950 / Reconstruction 2019
Deconstruction of Temple Phnom Bakheng, Cambodia. Erected circa. 889 AD / Reconstruction 2020
Pigment Prints on Paper. 111 x 148 centimeters. Edition of 3 / AP 1.


Thirteen Photographs (Found Photographic Monument), 2017.
Window Display of the Embassy of North Korea, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
Pigment Print on Paper. 111 x 148 centimeters. Edition of 1 / AP 1.
Courtesy of ESA Saint-Luc de Liège, Belgium


Finished With Engines No. 1 (Saturn V), 2017. NASA Saturn V Rocket Second Stage Module (S-II-14).
Finished With Engines No. 2 (Atlantis), 2017. NASA Atlantis Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME).
Pigment Prints on Paper. 111 x 148 centimeters. Editions of 2 / 1 AP.
Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin, Germany.


Three Views Of The Self, 2017.
Photographic Object / Obsidian Black Mirror Glass, Ultra-violet High-Bond Adhesive.
72 x 27 x 11 centimeters. Edition of 3 / 1 AP.
Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin, Germany


Everything is Getting, 2018.
Aluminum Cabinet, Plexiglass, LED Light Emitting Diodes, CPU, Power Transformer
52 x 32 x 10 cm / Edition of 3 / AP 1 


Listening Session I & II: Fear of Death / Fear of Life, 2016-2017.
Audio Monitors, Amplifiers, Blankets, Printed Artist Publication & ‚ÄčArtist Performance.
Courtesy of Nova Kultura Foundation and United States Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria.