Listening Sessions

Part audio time-travel and part Calder's Circus, these location-defined artist performances provide an exceptional listening experience to a limited group of participants. Rare, live-performance audio of deceased musical artists are re-animated through the medium of high-fidelity recording technology with historical context provided in a live commentary by the artist. 

Recorded music has existed for less than 150 years and high-fidelity recordings for less than 75 years. In this short time audio technology has advanced exponentially and made recorded music both portable and ubiquitous. The Listening Session performances seek to re-introduce the listener to “intentional listening” by employing ritual-based countermonumental strategies to expand an inquiry into each session's unique theme. 

A printed artist's publication accompanies each performance and is provided to those participating in the sessions. The publication takes the form of a song booklet featuring transcribed lyrics and complete account of song authorship and performance details for each recording. 

Listening Session I & II: Fear of Death, Fear of Life, 2016. / Audio Monitors, Amplifiers, Blankets, Dual Channel Audio, Printed Artist Publications / Courtesy of Nova Kultura Foundation 

Listening Session I: Fear of Death, 2016. / Printed Artist Publication (English/Edition of 16)