Craig Havens (US/DE) is a visual artist exploring the function of monuments and memory through photography, video, printmaking, painting and performance. His practice presents the viewer with opportunities for confronting transience and the improbability of existence. Works have been exhibited at the Weserburg-Museum für moderne Kunst in Bremen/Germany, the Armory Biennial in Los Angeles/California, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp/Belgium, the Sariev Contemporary Gallery in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Sofia/Bulgaria, the Nanjing International Biennale in Nanjing/China, the Heritage Arts Space in Hanoi/Vietnam, the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg/South Africa, the Brugge Triennale in Brugge/Belgium and Galerie Andreas Schmidt in Berlin/Germany.



2019 / The Yellow Press Ed. 5. Essay. Periodical Research Journal. Sint-Lucas & Het Bos, Antwerp.
2018 / Everybody Knows Our Cities Were Built To Be Destroyed. Artist publication in collaboration with Francoise Tahon and Ecole Recharge Graphique (Erg) Brussels.
2017 / The ubiquitous technical images around us are in the process of magically restructuring out reality and turning it into a global image scenario / Artist Publication for Galerie Andreas Schmidt / Berlin, Germany
2016 / b.o.r.n. bee or right now / Publication & Photographic Illustrations with Isolde Loock / Bremen, Germany
2015 / A Short History of Countermonuments / Journal L'Atelier / Brussels, Belgium
2014 / Fountain / Artist Publication of 45 ink prints / Berlin, Germany
2013 / Volume Seven / Artist Publication in Panel Magazine / Vienna, Austria
2012 / Soundings / Artist Edition of 21 Silver Gelatin Prints / Los Angeles, California
2009 / EASTWEST / Monograph / Essex Press, Los Angeles, California


2016 / US State Department International Artists Grant
2016 / Dorland Mountain Arts / Artist Residency / Temecula, California
2016 / Nova Kultura Foundation / Sofia, Bulgaria
2014 / US State Department International Artists Grant
2014 / KdG University / AXA Bank Space, Antwerp, Belgium


Weserburg-Museum, Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen, Bremen, GERMANY.
Collection of Susan and John W. Caldwell, Pasadena, CA. USA.
Newark Public Library, Special Collections Division, Newark, NJ. USA.
Baijia Lake Museum, Yan Lugen Collection, Nanjing, CHINA.
Sariev Contemporary, Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv, BULGARIA.


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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Lecturer in Visual Art, Photographic Foundations, Advanced Photographic Theory,
Practice-based Research, History of Art and Photography

L’Ecole de Recherche Graphique de Bruxelles (ERG)
Artist Publication Project in collaboration with Graduate Students of ERG (Brussels), Professor Françoise Tahon and Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin

Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium (ULB)
“Countermonumental Strategies In Lens-Based Arts: The Altered, The Temporal and
The Immaterial”. Phd Doctoral Symposium. Facilitator, Manuel Couvreur


MA, Master of Artistic Research
Sint Lukas Hogeschool voor Kunst en Design (KdG), Antwerpen, Belgium.

MA, Master of Visual Arts, Photography
Associatie KU Leuven, Hogeschool Sint Lukas Brussels (LUCA), Brussels, Belgium.

BFA, Bachelor of Fine Art
Art Center College of Design (ACCD), Los Angeles, United States.