How Long Shall They Kill Our Proph(fi)ts While We Stand Aside And Look, 2019.
U.S. Corporate Profits vs. Employee Compensation with Rising Economic Uncertainty Index (Trend) 1998-2017 

Oil Stick on Belgian Linen. 218 x 90 cm / Courtesy of GSL Projekt, Berlin, Germany.



Finished With Engines No. 1 (Saturn V) & No. 2 (Atlantis), 2018. 
Photographic Pigment Prints on Paper. 148 x 111cm. Edition of 2 / AP 1.
Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin, Germany.




Everything is Getting BWEOTRTSEER, 2018.
Aluminum Cabinet, Plexiglass, LED Light Emitting Diodes, CPU, Power Transformer.
52 x 32 x 10 cm / Edition of 5 / AP 1 
Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin, Germany.



Listening Session I & II: Fear of Death / Fear of Life, 2016-2017.
Audio Monitors, Amplifiers, Blankets, Printed Artist Publication & ‚ÄčArtist Performance.
Courtesy of Nova Kultura Foundation and United States Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Wheel Of Fortune, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015, ……
Daytime Wheel, Round 1
Archival Pigment Prints on Cotton Rag Paper, 111 x 111 cm, Edition of 5 / AP 1
Courtesy of City of Brugge / Brugge Triennale, Belgium.



The End Is Only The Beginning of Another Story (American Endings #1-25), 2015.
Dual Channel HD Video Installation, Stereo Soundtrack. Duration 00:25:15. 
Courtesy of Sariev Contemporary / Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv.



Palaces & Peacocks, 2019.
Single Channel Video Projection, Stereo Soundtrack. 00:03:40