New Flags

A Spectrum For All           
Photo Dye Transfer, Polyester Fabric 
Edition of 10 / AP 1, 110cm x 150cm


I have always felt that the LGBTQ+ “rainbow" flag was a monumental symbol that, while well-intentioned, did not live up to its full potential in the sense that it exists as an invitation to acceptance and peaceful co-existence between all distinctions of identity.

The original flag design features delineations of one solid stripe for each color and each color was sharply separated from the other. As a result, a great many people (and this has been confirmed in my discussions when exhibiting the piece) feel left out of the discussion when their sense of identity lands somewhere in undefined territory.

In order to create a more effective version of this symbolic flag, I filtered pure white sunlight into its full gradation of visible colors using a spectral prism and then photographed the resulting phenomenon. The image was then digitally dye-sublimated into a flag – a New Flag for all entities.

The work attempts to address queerness at its most subtle and fundamental level. It speaks to the existence in all of humanity of a deeply innate and authentic multiplicity across an infinitely varied spectrum.