This video work considers the diametrically opposed interpretations of the Hakenkreuz. This particular symbol has for 10,000 years represented a symbol of Shakti or the Divine Self in Asiatic cultures, while its perception in western cultures was co-opted by the Nazi propaganda machine less than 100 years ago. 

The film encompasses the entire 11 minute cycle of a readymade LED display of the symbol manufactured in Vietnam as a domestic decorative object for the home. By raising the shutter plane speed of the camera setting during each pattern transition, the symbol slowly begins to flicker, disperse and eventually disappear. A suggestion of the malleability of meaning and a testament to the transformative capabilities of the camera apparatus itself.

Still frame image from Being the Higher Self (1/30,1/50,1/80,1/100,1/160,1/250,1/400,1/500,1/640), Single Channel HD Video, Duration 00:11:25